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Are you looking to have a new shower installed? When you work with our team at All Aloha Plumbing, you can expect fast and efficient shower installation that will help transform your bathroom into something special. Whether you’re planning a bathroom renovation or your current shower just isn’t working right anymore, we have a proven track record for quality shower installation that will provide you with exactly what you need. As a locally owned and operated plumbing company, we take our role in the Oahu community very seriously, and you can expect that we will always go the extra mile to put a smile on your face.

When you need professional shower replacement or installation in Oahu,get in touch with us to book an appointment, and we will take care of the rest.

Why Hire a Professional for Shower Installation?

There’s nothing wrong with approaching some of your plumbing installation work with a DIY approach, but if you want a new shower that is installed correctly, trusting it to a professional is the only way to go. Our team at All Aloha Plumbing has the tools, experience, and the troubleshooting capability to take care of your shower replacement quickly and efficiently. Just get in touch with us and let us know what you need, and we will make it happen for you.

Things to Consider with Any New Shower Installation

There are several different factors to consider when you’re planning to install or replace a shower in your home. We will always go over your plans with you and give our expert advice to ensure you get exactly what you want and that your shower works well for years to come. Here are some of the important factors you should consider:

Your shower installation budget
Whether you need special access or not
Which direction the shower door should open
If you want any special features in the shower, like steam
What kind of materials you want to use
The design style and theme of your bathroom

Reasons to Work with Us

We are known as ‘The Plumbers with Aloha’ because we make a point of treating everyone with respect and humility, and we are dedicated to spreading the spirit of Aloha to everyone we meet. When you work with us, you can expect fast, efficient plumbing services that always get results and exceptional customer service that will keep you coming back again and again. Some additional benefits of working with us include:

24-hour emergency service
Convenient financing options
Honest and upfront pricing with no hidden fees
Courteous plumbers who treat your home with respect
$50 off any plumbing service
$100 off water heater install
$75 off hydro jetting
Senior citizen & military discounts


The cost to install a shower can vary widely depending on factors like the type of shower, materials used, labor rates, and your location. A basic shower installation might involve the cost of fixtures, plumbing, and labor, while a more luxurious or custom-designed shower can be more expensive.

On average, a standard shower installation can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. This includes the cost of the showerhead, faucet, drain, tiles, and other materials, as well as plumbing and labor charges. Custom features like multiple shower heads, intricate tile patterns, or specialized fixtures can increase the cost.

It’s advisable to obtain multiple quotes from reputable contractors and consider the scope of the project before committing to any installation. Additionally, consulting with a professional can help you get a more accurate estimate based on your specific preferences and requirements.

Shower installation involves several key steps to ensure a functional and watertight setup:

  • Planning and Measurement: Measure the available space and plan the layout, considering factors like plumbing, drainage, and wall materials.
  • Preparation: Remove any existing fixtures or tiles. Ensure the subfloor or wall is clean and level.
  • Plumbing: Install or modify the plumbing lines for water supply and drainage to the shower area. This includes connecting the shower valve, showerhead, and faucet.
  • Pan Installation: For a tile shower, install a waterproof shower pan liner over the subfloor, ensuring proper slope toward the drain. A prefabricated shower base can also be used.
  • Wall Installation: Apply backer board to the shower walls, providing a stable surface for tiles or other wall coverings.
  • Tile Installation: Install tiles on the walls and floor. Grout the tiles and allow them to set.
  • Fixture Installation: Install the showerhead, faucet, and any additional fixtures.
  • Finishing Touches: Apply sealant and grout to prevent water infiltration, and ensure all components are tightly secured.

Proper shower installation requires plumbing expertise, tile work, and attention to detail to ensure a leak-free and functional shower space.

In theory, you can install a shower in various locations, but practicality, plumbing considerations, and local building codes play significant roles. To install a shower:

  • Plumbing: Access to water supply and drainage lines is crucial. Installing a shower in an area without existing plumbing might require significant work and costs.
  • Structural Support: Ensuring the floor can support the weight of a shower is vital. Some spaces might need reinforcement.
  • Waterproofing: Proper waterproofing is essential to prevent leaks and water damage.
  • Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is necessary to prevent mold and moisture issues.
  • Local Codes: Local building codes dictate where showers can be installed. Some areas have specific requirements for bathrooms.
  • Accessibility: Consider accessibility for everyone, adhering to guidelines if necessary.

While you can potentially install a shower in various places, consulting a professional is wise. They can assess the feasibility, advise on potential challenges, and ensure your installation meets safety and regulatory standards.

Building a shower involves several steps to ensure a functional and water-resistant setup:

  • Planning and Design: Determine the shower’s size, layout, and features. Consider plumbing and drainage requirements.
  • Prepare the Space: Clear the area, ensuring the subfloor is level and structurally sound.
  • Plumbing: Install or modify plumbing lines for water supply and drainage, including the shower valve, faucet, and drain.
  • Build the Shower Pan: Construct a waterproof shower pan using a prefabricated base or a mortar bed with a waterproof membrane.
  • Wall Installation: Apply backer board to the walls, ensuring a solid surface for tile or other wall materials.
  • Tile Installation: Install tiles on the walls and floor. Apply mortar, set the tiles, and grout the joints.
  • Fixture Installation: Attach the showerhead, faucet, and other fixtures.
  • Waterproofing and Sealing: Apply a waterproof membrane to areas prone to moisture penetration.
  • Finishing Touches: Apply final sealant, trim, and any other decorative elements.

Throughout the process, ensure proper ventilation, waterproofing, and adherence to local building codes. A professional contractor can guide you through each step to create a durable and well-functioning shower.

If you’re looking for superior shower installation services in Oahu, get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.

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