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Drain Cleaning

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Maui Drain Cleaning from Dependable Plumbers

Drain cleaning is an essential home maintenance task to prevent clogs, stagnant water in the sinks or bathtubs, or flooding in your home. While a clogged drain may seem like a minor issue, handing it yourself can potentially damage your drain and worsen the problem. Professional plumbers are equipped to handle the job without causing damage to your plumbing system. At All Aloha Plumbing, we provide a full range of plumbing services, including professional drain cleaning in Maui.

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Clearing Your Clogged Drain

When you have a clogged drain, give us a call for fast and reliable service. Many homeowners are tempted to use the liquid drain cleaning products that are commercially available. However, these products contain harsh chemicals that can actually damage the pipes. In addition, they offer limited effectiveness, often appearing to solve the problem temporarily only to have the clog return again, unlike with professional drain cleaning service.

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Clogged drains can have many causes

  • Hair
  • Food particles
  • Oils and grease

  • Soap buildup

  • Personal care products such as tampons, cotton, etc.

  • Objects dropped down drains or flushed down toilets

Preventing Future Clogged Drains

Clogs can usually be prevented with a regular professional drain cleaning service. Having your drains cleaned on a regularly helps avoid buildup in the pipes that can lead to clogged drains. The frequency that cleaning will be needed varies, depending on several factors. We can work with you to provide service that is tailored to your specific needs to keep your drains clear and prevent clogs.

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