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Keeping your Maui drains clean and clear is important to the health and functionality of your property’s plumbing system. The All Aloha Plumbing team has been providing high-quality drain cleaning all across the island for years, and we’ve heard many questions from our customers along the way. So let us provide you with a little more insight into the drain cleaning process and how you can rely on All Aloha drain cleaning services to keep your Maui plumbing system working at full capacity well into the future.
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Are My Drains Really That Important? They Seem to be Working Just Fine…

Your Maui drains may be working fine now, but think of all the things they’re exposed to on a regular basis. Hair, soap, food particles, grease, oil, dirt . . . and the list goes on and on. Every day, your drains see a lot, and any unresolved problems can bring them to a screeching halt.

Regularly-scheduled routine drain cleanings can unearth issues lurking in your drains and pipes before their symptoms begin to disrupt your plumbing system. Our professional technicians can use best industry practices to quickly, conveniently, and accurately locate and repair drain issues before they snowball into much bigger, much messier, much more expensive problems.

Causes of Clogged Drains

  • Hair
  • Food Particles
  • Oils & Grease
  • Soap Buildup
  • Personal Care Products (Tampons, Cotton Swabs, etc.)
  • Foreign Objects

What Are the Symptoms of Clogged Drains?

At All Aloha Plumbing, our team consists of professionally-trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to handle each of these issues and more. Schedule routine plumbing inspections and maintenance to avoid plumbing issues and extend the life of your system. Partner with Maui’s most trusted name in home and business plumbing by calling our team today.

If your pipes and drains are aging or you simply can’t remember the last time you had them professionally inspected and cleaned, you should call to schedule a maintenance appointment. If you notice any warning signs of drain damage, however, you should contact All Aloha Plumbing immediately for our 24/7 emergency service. Some warning signs to pay attention to include:

Weird sounds. Bubbling, gurgling, sucking, or any other unusual sounds coming from your drains can indicate a problem. Maybe a tree root has grown into your pipes, maybe a stubborn clog is disrupting your water flow, or maybe something else entirely is going on within your plumbing system. Our extensively trained technicians have seen it all and can put that experience and knowledge to work to find the problem and offer the right solution.

Slow drains. If your sinks, tubs, showers, or toilets are draining more slowly than usual, you could have a clog somewhere in your plumbing system. Our friendly technicians can efficiently locate and thoroughly remove the clog before it develops into something that completely stops your water flow.

Foul odors. Musty odors, sewage smells, or any other unpleasant scents coming from your drains could indicate a serious issue. Our local team can promptly visit your property to resolve the issue before stagnant water or raw sewage backs up into your home or office.

Wet spots. Damp or depressed areas in your yard could indicate that your sewer lines are deteriorating or even collapsing. Our industry experts can find the root of the problem and produce a tailor-made solution to clean out the damaging elements and repair your Hawaiian plumbing system.

Multiple clogs. If more than one of your fixtures is clogged, it could mean you have a blocked sewer line. These stubborn clogs and backups are typically first noticeable at the lowest levels of your property, so pay attention to your floor drains, toilets, and tubs and let our professionals find and remove the cause of the problem.

Drain flies. Debris in your pipelines can lure drain flies who love to feed off the gunk, waste, and buildup. If you notice drain flies around your sinks, showers, and tubs, schedule an All Aloha Plumbing drain cleaning. Our technicians can use high-pressure hydro jetting, descaling, or snaking to scour your pipeline, remove all traces of debris, and eliminate the food source of those pesky flies.

Can I Clean Out My Drain By Myself?

Proceed with caution if you plan to clean out your own drains. The wrong combination of chemical drain cleaners can corrode your pipes, the wrong pressure applied to drain snakes can burst your pipes, and the wrong use of any other home remedy can cause more extensive and expensive damage than you already had.

In addition to all that potential destruction, if you can’t truly see the problem, you may not know its full extent. All Aloha Plumbing technicians are equipped with an innovative camera that can easily be inserted into your Maui drains and pipelines to give real-time video feed of your plumbing system’s interior. From a monitor at ground level, our skilled technicians can pinpoint the exact location of corrosion, clogs, invasive roots, or other obstructions and deterioration. They can see specific problems and use that information to provide the most effective solution for your particular needs.

Are there Benefits to Hiring a Professional Plumber for My Drain Cleaning?

For one, our professional plumbing experts can fully remove all the long-standing debris and gradual buildup that’s been slowly threatening the health of your pipelines. Without a proper drain cleaning, that gunk can continue to weaken your pipes, reduce their diameter, and leave you with water pressure much weaker than your plumbing system requires. So not only could you find yourself showering under a tiny trickle of water, you could eventually find yourself with a much more debilitating leak, break, or other serious plumbing issue that will require extensive repair.

Besides gradual buildup, blocked pipes can happen rather suddenly. One wrong thing dropped down the sink or flushed down the toilet, and your property could see instant water backup. Our team can remove any immediate blockages that instantly send water or sewage backup into your home or office. Regardless of how critical or routine the situation, our technicians can eliminate blockages, reduce the likelihood of a drainage emergency and subsequent water damage, and improve your property’s water capacity.

Okay, I’m Convinced. How Does All Aloha Drain Cleaning Work?

All Aloha Plumbing technicians can visit your Maui property when it’s convenient for you to offer several drain cleaning options, including:

Snaking. We have several different drain snakes that can be used in a wide variety of situations and all of our technicians are fully trained to correctly insert and operate the snakes to avoid damaging your drains and pipes. Our plumbing drain snakes can be reliable tools to clean drains, especially in older plumbing systems that may not be strong enough to withstand other drain cleaning methods.

Descaling. We have specialized techniques to remove the scale buildup within your pipes and drains. If your pipelines are aging or made of older materials, they are especially prone to scale deposits that can clog them up, decrease their flow capacity, and damage your property’s plumbing system. Our professionals can use descaling equipment to scrape buildup and corrosion away from your pipes and drains, flush it out of your system, and get your pipeline working properly again.

Hydro jetting. We have hydro jetting equipment that includes a high-pressure nose and specialized nozzles that can send a steady stream of water through your drains and pipes to completely scour the interior of your Maui plumbing system. Our skilled team of experts can conduct a camera inspection before hydro jetting to determine if it’s the best option for your pipeline, and if it is, our technicians can remove clogs, mineral deposits, invading tree roots, and other obstructions with the environmentally-friendly and efficient process.

Our technicians can work with you to decide which drain cleaning option is the best for your situation, schedule, and budget. Regardless of which option is selected, we will provide first-class service and treat your plumbing system with the utmost respect.

What if the Drain Cleaning Doesn’t Work?

Professional All Aloha Plumbing technicians can properly clean your drains, but in the process, it is possible they will find a bigger issue. If your water lines or sewer pipes have damage that requires repair or replacement, our team can offer cost-effective, time-efficient, tailor-made solutions.

For example, our minimally-disruptive trenchless pipe lining service can essentially build a brand new pipe within your existing pipeline. Without extensive digging and property damage, our licensed technicians can send a liner into a small access hole in your old pipe, cure that liner to the interior of your old pipe, and build a durable and seamless new pipe. The process doesn’t require removing the old pipe, so it has little impact on your property, the environment, or your schedule.

Our cleaning, repair, and replacement options all consider your needs. We work hard to provide high-quality solutions that help save you money, time, and hassle in the long run.

Is Drain Cleaning Messy?

Not when we do it. Each one of our professional team members are determined to get the job done efficiently while leaving your home as spotless as possible. We promise to treat your property as if it were our own and keep mess to a minimum. If we do make a little bit of a mess, we’ll clean it up. Our drain cleaning process begins with a camera inspection in order to locate certain areas of damage or corrosion within your pipes. This high-resolution camera allows our technicians to see real-time video footage inside the pipeline and discover the exact areas that need work. This is a powerful solution to drainage issues because it doesn’t require digging up a yard and causing extensive damage just to find the issue.

Help! It’s Saturday Night and my Drain is Backing Up. Can I Call Now?

Please do call. If your drains are backing up into your home or office, you could be facing costly damage to your floors, walls, cabinets, and personal belongings. Even worse, sitting water or sewage could bring you in contact with dangerous bacteria and organisms that could wreak havoc on your health.

If you are in the midst of a plumbing emergency, call All Aloha immediately. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, so if your toilet is backing up in the middle of the night, your sink is overflowing during holiday break, or any other plumbing issue is threatening the health and productivity of your property, we’re here to help.

Does All Aloha Plumbing Do More Than Clean Drains?

We do much more. Besides drain cleaning, we also provide:

Professional plumbing repair. From minor issues to complex problems, we can repair any aspect of your Maui plumbing system. With fully licensed, bonded, and insured industry experts and the highest quality tools and techniques, we can successfully repair and maintain your pipes, drains, fixtures, water heaters, and anything else related to your plumbing system.

Reliable leak detection. Whether you have a leak in plain sight or one that’s hidden beneath the ground, we can locate and repair leaks in your island plumbing system. Our advanced leak detection technology can help our technicians determine the source of the problem and provide the most effective solution to prevent further damage to your home or business.

Thorough sewer inspection. If there’s a problem in the sewer main, under the slab, or anywhere else in the pipeline, our skilled experts can inspect your sewer pipes and pinpoint any damage. So whether you need a small piece of pipe repaired or your entire sewer system replaced, we have the innovative solutions to get your system back up and running.

If you’re unsure about your plumbing needs, contact us. We are a local team dedicated to providing amazing customer service and high quality solutions, so reach out and let us help you solve your plumbing problems.

Why Should I Hire All Aloha Plumbing for All My Plumbing Needs?

All Aloha Plumbing cares about Maui and we’re committed to providing the highest quality service and plumbing solutions to our island customers. We have the training, equipment, experience, and passion for providing excellent service, so contact us today to learn about our drain cleaning and other plumbing repair, replacement, and maintenance solutions. We’ll make your needs our priority. That’s the spirit of Aloha that you can expect.

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