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When cleaning up food waste in our kitchen, we often find ourselves using the garbage disposal for various reasons. Whether you’re cleaning out your fridge or washing your dishes, we start pushing food waste toward our convenient friend who takes care of the mess.

It’s important to remember, however, that some things are best left out of the garbage disposal because they damage its blades and cause drainage problems. We at All Aloha Plumbing want to help you extend your garbage disposal’s lifespan. To prevent future garbage disposal repairs, put these items in your trash can rather than tossing them in the garbage disposal.

Hard Foods

While your garbage disposal blades can cut through many types of food, hard food like bones, nuts and fruit pits could damage the blades in your garbage disposal. Throw away items like chicken bones in the trash can rather than putting them down your garbage disposal to prevent breaking or jamming these blades.


Grease in your garbage disposal could lead to multiple problems. When you’re done cooking, you may think that grease, cooking oil and other cooking liquids can be drained down the sink. This is not always the case. Because grease solidifies, this could cause a clogged garbage disposal and overall drainage issues. It is better to dispose of grease in the trash can.

Food Scraps

Certain food scraps are best left out of the garbage disposal because they could cause problems with the blades and drainage. Some food scraps are too thin to be cut by the blades and could clog your garbage disposal. Others may wrap around the blades and force your garbage disposal to stop working. Throw out these items in your trash can rather than in your disposal.

Some of these problematic food scraps include:

  • Eggshells
  • Onion Skins
  • Potato Peels
  • Pasta
  • Oats
  • Rice

What Items Are Good For Your Garbage Disposal’s Lifespan?

Avoiding the above items will help your garbage disposal live longer and will lead to fewer repairs. Some items, however, can also help if your garbage disposal has stopped working effectively. If you’re looking for ways to improve your garbage disposal’s efficiency, try using these items to clean your disposal and help with drainage flow.

Cold Water

Whenever you use your garbage disposal, you will always want to run it with cold water. This helps with any items that could cause a clogged disposal. If you accidentally drain some problematic items such as grease, cold water will help it run through the disposal without causing damage. Leave your water running for at least 10 seconds while using your garbage disposal and even 10 seconds after to keep your disposal clean and damage-free.

Ice Cubes

Ice cubes are a very useful tool to use to clean and unclog your garbage disposal. Similar to using cold water, ice cubes will help push blockages in your garbage disposal to prevent damage and clogs. Ice cubes can even sharpen the blades for better use.

Citrus Fruits

If your garbage disposal has a bad odor, try using citrus fruits to freshen up the scent. Orange and lemon peels will help break down any blockages in the system while also giving off a fresh scent to your garbage disposal.

Even though some thin fruit peels can harm your garbage disposal, citrus fruit peels are durable enough for the blades to break them down without causing a clog. Biodegradable cleaners will also have the same benefits as citrus fruits for your garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Not Working? Call All Aloha!

Your garbage disposal is a convenient tool that you can use in your home. After you finish cooking dinner, consider how different food scraps can affect your garbage disposal. To keep your garbage disposal in excellent shape, do your best to avoid draining items that can cause clogs and damage to your disposal.

If you find that you may have a clogged garbage disposal or any concerns with your system, contact All Aloha Plumbing through our website to set up an appointment with our team.

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