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The high water pressure might feel nice in the shower, but it can be bad for your pipes. When your water pressure is too high, it causes stress on your plumbing. This stress can create holes in your lines that invite black mold and structural damages. 

Our team at All Aloha Plumbing wants to help you learn how high water pressure in your home can be a bad thing. If you do need assistance for any Maui plumbing needs, we want to be your trusted source. 

Ideal Water Pressure

The ideal water pressure for your home is anywhere between 40 and 60 PSI (pounds per square inch). If your water pressure is below or above that, it may be time to give us a call for a trusted Maui plumbing service. 

How to Test Your Water Pressure

It can be difficult for some people to tell if their water pressure is too high or low. Luckily, testing your water pressure at home is something every homeowner can do. 

All you need is a pressure gauge, which is inexpensive, from your local hardware store. Ensure it comes with a female attachment, a rubber seal, and a pressure gauge that goes up to 300psi. 

Here are a few steps to follow to test your water pressure at home: 

  1. Turn off all the water sources in your home. 

Ensure you shut off your faucets, washing machines, ice makers, sprinklers, shower heads, and dishwashers. Water moving in your house can cause the reading to show a lower pressure than it should.

  1.  Hook up your pressure gauge.

You can hook up your gauge to an outside faucet or hose bib. Be sure to use one closest to the water meter if you have one. If your home uses a well tank system, hook up the gauge to a hose bib most immediately to the well’s pressure tank.

  1. Measure the water pressure.

Tighten your gauge with one hand while opening the faucet with the other. On your pressure gauge, you will see your home’s water pressure. 

If you measured below 40 PSI or above 60 PSI, give us a call today to schedule plumbing service for your Maui home.

Symptoms of High Water Pressure in House

Know the signs of high water pressure so you can request an inspection with us. The quicker you can recognize these signs, the better your home’s plumbing will be. Here is a checklist of symptoms of high water pressure.

Leaking Pipes

Leaky pipes can create extraordinary homes for black mold and structural issues. When your water pressure is too high, your pipes can undergo stress. This stress can make loose joints or small leaks in the pipes. 

More often than not, leaky pipes are in areas we cannot access. If you suspect leaky pipes in your home, give us a call immediately to schedule leak detection services.

Higher Water Bill

If you notice your utility bill is higher than usual, it may be a sign of high water pressure. When your water pressure is too high, it causes more water to be released. High water pressure creates a waste of water and money.

Water Hammer

When you hear a loud banging noise after shutting off your faucets, this sound is commonly called a “water hammer.” When you suddenly shut off your water, the high pressure will cause the pipes to bang into each other. If you hear a water hammer, give us a call to schedule an inspection with your trusted Maui plumbers.

We want to be sure you get the service you deserve. Our team at All Aloha is here to help. If you are showing signs of high water pressure, give us a call today to schedule a service for your home.

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