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Drip. Drip. Drip. You may have turned off the tap completely, but the dripping continues. Leaky faucets can drive you crazy if they aren’t fixed quickly. But, did you know that a leak not only costs you your patience but also your money? One leaky faucet can raise your water bill by 10% and wastes all of that water! A leak can easily send your money down the drain. 

Are you dealing with an obnoxious faucet leak? Don’t worry, All Aloha Plumbing knows a thing or two about leaky sinks. We help Maui homeowners with all of their plumbing needs, so you can trust this job to the professionals. In the meantime, we have some at-home tips for that annoying dripping. 

There are some common causes of dripping faucets, such as: 

  1. Your Water Pressure
  2. Pipe Problems
  3. Broken or Incorrect Washers
  4. Broken O-Ring
  5. Loose Packing Nuts

Each of these issues have their own solutions, and the leak can appear in different places in your sink. The correct solution depends on the location and cause of the drip. Most of these issues can be fixed at home, but you may need to call in our plumbers for more complex issues.

Leaking Faucet

If the faucet of your sink is the source of the drip, then you most likely have an issue within the faucet itself. Since your faucet is made up of many small parts, it’s common for one of these pieces to break or come loose. Luckily, these issues are mostly fixable at home.

Broken O-Ring

The O-ring is a piece of the faucet that often comes loose or breaks over time. This is because it is a small disk that holds the faucet’s handle in the correct position, so it’s worn down as you turn your sink on and off. If you own a cartridge faucet – the cartridge is a plastic piece that controls the flow of water – it’s likely that a broken O-ring is the cause of a leak. Replacing the O-ring will fix the leak.

Loose Packing Nuts

Another cause of leaks lies with the stream screw within your faucet. Really, the nuts attached to the stream screw are to blame if they are loosened or cracked. A broken packing nut will cause a leak from your sink’s handle. This can be fixed by either tightening the nut or completely replacing it.

Broken Washer

Oftentimes, a component of your sink called the washer can cause a leak in a compression faucet. The washer is located against the valve seat, and it rubs against it each time your sink is turned on or off. This can cause your washer to wear out, which means that it will need to be replaced. If an ill-fitting or improperly installed washer is the cause of your leak, you will need to call our professional plumbers to repair it.

Sink Dripping

This group of issues is irregular – either in location or in timing. If you have an irregular leak, it is likely not something that can be fixed at home. Instead, it will be time to find a professional plumbing service to perform the repairs. Don’t worry though, we have some ways that you can tell whether you need a professional or not!

Pipe Problems And Pipe Repairs

You can tell that you have a pipe problem if you have water leaking or pooling underneath your sink. This typically means that you have a broken pipe or fitting, so you will want to call a plumber right away to avoid water damage and potential flooding. 

Water Pressure Problems

If you’ve noticed that your sink only drips at specific times throughout the day, or if its handles are placed in a certain position, then your water pressure may be the culprit. In this case, you might have too high of water pressure, which can damage your pipes and cause little leaks like this. This is something to call in the professionals for because they can help fix your water pressure issue before it causes more damage.

Maui Plumbing Services

All Aloha Plumbing provides the Island of Maui with reliable, fast and affordable plumbing services. Our team of experts will always make sure that you are the top priority, and we will always get the job done right. Our professionalism and expertise are unmatched, and we are proud to form lasting connections with our Maui customers. Call us today to schedule one of our many plumbing services!

And if you’re in O’ahu, you can contact our sister company, Hawaii Drain Pros, for all of your O’ahu plumbing needs! You can expect the same kind of reliability and professionalism that you receive from us here at All Aloha Plumbing from Hawaii Drain Pros. Give them a call if you need plumbing service in O’ahu!

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