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Here at All Aloha Plumbing, we are here to assist you in not only figuring out what plumbing method works best for you but also explaining how these processes work! This information will explain the differences between common methods such as hydro jetting and snaking a drain.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Are you familiar with a water-based flossing device? It is a small electric tool that allows you to clean your mouth and remove all the tiny particles wedged between your teeth. Pretty convenient and useful, right?

Well, think of that like the hydro jetting process but on a much larger scale! Hydro jetting involves utilizing an elongated nozzle and extreme water pressure to blow away the gunk within your drain. All the blockages and clogs within your drain are crushed under the pressure of the water shot into your drain.

However, this can be a very hazardous process and because of this, safety measures must be in place. Also, the intense pressure of the water is not one size fits all. Hydro jetting plumbing can damage old pipes as they are not capable of withstanding this kind of process. Therefore, our plumbing specialist will inspect the pipes before recommending this method.

So, if you are a property owner with newer and stronger pipes, then you may be a candidate for hydro jetting. Also, if you own a restaurant and deal with excess grease, then this is another sign that you should utilize our commercial hydro jetting services!

What Is A Drain Snake?

A drain snake may be referred to as a drain auger by professionals. This device coils, which is where the snake moniker derives from. This useful method, however, is only venomous for your clogged drain!

The drain snake is a lengthy and coiled rod that goes inside the drain to dislodge and pull out clogged debris. However, the drain snake may also be accompanied by an electric drill. This will maximize the strength of your snake drain to eliminate tough clogs.

A sign that this method could be beneficial is if you have a clog deep within the pipes. This is also an excellent process to utilize for those with delicate drains.

What Are Common Causes Of Drain Clogs?

Hair Is A Typical Drain Issue

Your daily hair routine is often the cause of your frustration with clogged drains. That hair gets wedged together with other particles in your drain and creates a blockage. A simple solution is to install a guard to stop hair from getting clogged in the first place. You can find porous hair catchers online and in certain department stores. 

Excess Dirt Will May Cause Problems

In Hawaii, we love hitting the beach, but with the beach comes all of that dreaded sand. Shaking dirt and sand off your clothes outside before washing them is essential to avoid clogs. It may seem tedious, but it may save you a ton of potential trouble later!

Also, as much as we love our pets, washing them in the tub can cause a lot of dirt to get stuck within the drainpipes.

Food Waste Should Not Be In Your Drain

It may be tempting to throw food away in a drain, but it should never go in there. This is a typical and insidious way in which you can clog your drain. However, a garbage disposal can help with most food waste, with a few exceptions. If you don’t have a garbage disposal, consider investing in composting for your food waste!

What Methods Should Be Avoided And How Often Should Drains Be Cleaned?

Chemical methods of cleaning drains may appear convenient and cost-effective; however, they can cause long-term damage to your pipes.

It is best to consider our hydro jetting services or a snake drain depending on your personal needs. Cleaning your drain at least once a year is recommended even if you are not experiencing issues currently.

Contact All Aloha Plumbing for Maui Drain Cleaning!

If you are interested in finding what plumbing method works best for you, then give us a call at All Aloha Plumbing today! We are the leaders in Maui plumbing services and specialize in hydro jetting and assisting with a drain snake. You can schedule an appointment now to inspect your pipes and we will recommend a method for you!

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