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You may have heard many tips and tricks from family and neighbors about your plumbing. Maybe you’ve heard of ways you can save water or things that could NEVER happen to you. Some of these hacks can be very helpful, but others can damage your plumbing system. All Aloha Plumbing wants to keep your plumbing in the best condition by debunking some of these plumbing myths you heard about around town.

Putting A Brick In Your Toilet Tank Will Save Water

Some people suggest that putting a brick in your tank will save you water in the long run. The brick displaces the water so that it tricks the toilet and uses less water for each flush. This trick is unfortunately a myth and can even damage your plumbing.

Over time, the brick will break down into small bits that can get flushed out of your toilet tank. This will cause debris buildup and damage your toilet. Experts say you shouldn’t leave anything inside your toilet tank, especially not a brick.

Clear Drain Clogs With Chemical Drain Cleaners or Boiling Water

While these cleaners can and will remove clogs from your home, they can also damage your pipes. Chemical-based cleaners break down small clogs by eating away at the blockage, but they can also eat at your pipes. Boiling water can also crack and melt these pipes causing leaks and water damage to your bathroom.

The best way to clear a blockage is by using tools and natural cleaning solutions to break down the blockage. Some of these things include:

  • Plunger
  • Drain snake
  • Hand auger
  • Cleaning solution like a mixture of water, baking soda and vinegar

Depending on what kind of clog you have, these tools can help you remove the problem without putting your plumbing at risk. Avoid using chemical drain cleaners or boiling water to keep your plumbing system in great condition.

Critters Can’t Swim Up Your Pipes And Into Your Toilet Bowl

While it may seem outrageous, it’s possible that you can find rodents and other animals swimming in your toilet bowl. There have been reports all across the states of rodents that make their way through your plumbing system. They are often found burrowing near your home’s main drain pipe and breaking into your system. If you need animals removed from around or inside your plumbing system, contact animal control.

As Long As It Flushes, It Won’t Damage Your System

If you dropped something in your toilet bowl and flushed it, you may think it’s safe if nothing gets clogged. Even if you flush it down your toilet bowl, that item could get stuck further in your system, leading to deeper blockages and costly repairs. Any non-flushable items like baby wipes, sanitary pads and pet litter should be kept out of the toilet bowl to keep your pipes from clogging.

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